I know what I want and I know how to get it…

Often when I ask a client, “What do you want?”, the response from the client is usually ” I don’t know.”

What is a want? A want is ‘something that a person would like to have’. In our culture of altruism it can be difficult to identify a want without feeling selfish.

How do you identify what you want? Begin with what you don’t want. You can quickly think of what could affect you the most in the future if it brings feelings of concern, worry or negative emotions; perhaps that’s a good place to start. Feel and perceive what you don’t want and from that identify what you do want. Then picture it happening, see it, feel it, know it to be true.

When it does appear, recognize it, even if it’s not 100% how you pictured it, and be grateful. Taking a moment to be warmly and deeply appreciative of the benefits you receive can ground you in the present and open your heart to yourself and others.

Negative and positive life situations, physical weight, fitness, relationship, financial achievement, purpose/career, less ageing and more time in our future can all be affected if you have purpose with your dreaming and ask for what you want.