I’m fine. Really. Oh, JUST FORGET IT!!


from the Human Awareness Institute’s “Methodology of Clear Communication”

 Frequently in our various social relationships we find ourselves hurt or upset by someone’s words or behaviour and yet choosing not to tell the person about it. We decide to wait for a “better” time, or we are afraid of creating further upset, or we tell ourselves it really doesn’t matter. As a result of this unspoken feeling we find ourselves a little more guarded around the person who hurt us. Or, perhaps, we just forget about it…until it happens again.

 Each of these unspoken upsets is like a brick in a wall between us. Very quickly that wall begins to interfere with feeling connected with or close to this person. Often we develop a habit of not speaking these feelings. So the wall gets thicker and thicker. Sometimes it feels like there is a pressure built up from not speaking that results in us eventually “exploding” at the person or people we most want intimacy with. We dredge up pains and aches from years before and leave the listener feeling hopeless that we can ever repair such a long list of woes.

 A “withhold” is a general term for something you have thought, but haven’t spoken, either positive or negative. In this case, the term “withhold” usually refers to a negative judgement you are having, or a pain you experienced, or an upset you have felt but not communicated.

 At Soulsease Energy Medicine, I can help you clear your own “withholds” without you having to explain how you feel or tell your story over and over. Using Energy Medicine techniques, together we eliminate old patterns at a subconscious level so that you can create a positive and more joyful life experience.