Recipe for Spiritual Awakening

Those individuals who we think may be ‘awake’ are often seen as ordinary and even
boring. They seem to have no interest in comparing themselves to others. Generally
speaking, they tend to live simple, ordinary lives. They are comfortable, if not soothing
to be around. Their time is devoted to doing unimportant things and their hearts are
open to ‘unimportant’ people. They have no rigid patterns or inflexible concepts and
there is nothing out of the ordinary about the topics they choose to talk about. There is
nothing outstanding in their mannerisms. They are easily pleased and can seem happy
for no apparent reason. Because they are not destructive individuals, they find others
to be endearing. They are always familiar and equal. They would be of no interest in a
magazine article. Yet into their mundane, everyday circumstances of life, they quietly
pour their peace and their comfort.


Adapted from a book by Hugh Prather