Happiness… really?

Happiness… I wonder if brief moments of gratitude and contentment count? Because the elusive emotion of happiness has so far eluded me. I don’t believe in happiness. I don’t think I’m a cynic, more a realist. The less expectations I have, the more content I am. When I can concentrate on being present and really recognizing what I have in each and every moment, a certain peace descends which I might consider happiness. My cynicism around the very word is fed by the pressure of society to be happy: The true love demanded in movies and happiness you can buy with a new car or a light beer.

 Most people will experience slender moments of contentment followed by the familiar emotions of worry, anxiety and impending doom. Perhaps happiness is knowing that the periods of discontent will end at some point, to be followed by moments of ‘I’m okay’.

 In my practice, the relief clients feel when the balance is complete is described by some as ‘I feel lighter’ or ‘I wasn’t afraid to go to sleep that night’. Energy Medicine is a subtle science, meaning your change can be so gradual that you may not even notice that you are feeling more neutral about things that drove you crazy before.  Anxiety is lessened and you can hear what your heart is telling you. True happiness is perhaps learning to listen to those still places inside ourselves.

“Happiness is knowing my dog loves me and my beer is cold enough” – S.Timoffee