Fear Not

Whenever you try something new or find yourself in unfamiliar territory, it is natural to feel some fear. Your mind creates all sorts of scenarios that can go wrong. Doubts and uncertainties may come up and the challenges may seem insurmountable.

You may feel stuck and scared or anxious about moving forward. But a lot of what we label as fear really isn’t. True fear is an instinctual response to a life-threatening situation. It is triggered by events and even more by what you think is going on. If you stay relaxed and aware, trusting that your body will provide you the sensory information if there is true danger around you, your instincts will tell you what to do if there is an actual threat.

When you do feel a greater sense of fear triggered by your thoughts, think about whether this is based on what is really going on. Take a few deep breaths. Reach out to friends and family who can reassure you and help you feel grounded and centred. Remember the times in the past when you did feel panic or anxiety about a situation and not only survived but came through intact.

You could also relabel fear as excitement since the two emotions are very similar in the way they manifest in your body. Trust your instincts and your friends to watch out for you, and keep breathing deeply.

Clients who choose to seek treatment for these issues through energy medicine are sometimes relieved to know they don’t have to talk to me about what they are experiencing in order for the treatment to work, avoiding an unnecessary reliving of unprocessed trauma. For clients in my practice who are experiencing fear, I use intuition and applied kinesiology to gently guide their body to a place of safety to free itself from illness, anxiety and depression.