Passwords of love

Earlier this year I listened to a Sparks CBC broadcast about a man who changed his life by turning his computer password into life changing affirmations. See the link below.

In my practice, I use affirmations daily with my clients. What we believe to be a common truth like “I’m ready to be well” is often not believed by the body. You can test this yourself by saying  “I’m ready, willing and able to love and accept myself”. You will know if this is not true by how it feels in your body to say it outloud. Once you have sorted out why this isn’t true, and that’s where Soulsease Energy Medicine comes in, saying the same sentence feels easier to say. The more you say an affirmation, the easier and more believable it becomes. So why not begin by changing your computer login password to “1lovemysElf” or “PeaceNOW”  or even “”I@msmokeFreE” You can play with the words and letters and even throw a symbol in there. One of my favourites is “Remember2bre@the”. Guaranteed to make you take a deep breath every time you log in to your computer or access your phone.


Have fun and change your life now!!

Photo courtesy of Topsy Farms (