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The five most dangerous words when it comes to our health are “maybe it will go away”

– Dr. Victor L. Frank, D.C., N.M.D.

Too often, we experience the recurrent symptoms of a health imbalance, such as a headache or a cold that just won’t go away, and assign a situational cause to it. We make statements such as, “I always get a headache when I drink red wine.”, or “I just knew I would catch a cold from the sneezy guy ahead of me in line at the grocery store.” The truth is we often have imbalances that are deeper than the food we ingest or the particular situations we encounter. The simple act of living creates imbalances from toxins, stress, core beliefs, trauma, and illness.

As an energy healer, I look at health restoration from a perspective that includes the emotional, structural, spiritual and physical elements of what it means to be healthy. Because I use my training in medical intuition and muscle testing to find ‘imbalances’ and or weakness in the energy of your mental, emotional and physical body, you don’t have to share your entire health history with me. The success of treatment doesn’t rely on your having to explain or relive painful or traumatic life events. I use a variety of energy medicine techniques to eliminate old patterns, and imbalances that address your unique needs. Once those issues have been cleared, the body is able to make the most of its innate ability to heal itself.

Energy healing can be of benefit for both chronic and acute conditions, easing discomfort and often helping to prevent illness before it starts. Over the long-term, energy healing helps to correct the body’s ability to manage influences so they don’t impact your health, leaving you free to create a more positive and joyful life experience.

I’d also be happy to work with your four-legged friends. Family pets deserve to experience healing too.

What to Expect

Soulsease Energy Medicine does not intend to diagnose or prescribe. Information provided is not to be considered a substitute for consultation with a qualified healthcare practitioner.

I offer both in-person and ‘virtual’ or distance appointments. A typical appointment can last anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour. When clients arrive at my office, I ask them to lie down on my treatment table and relax. All treatments are non-invasive and clients are asked to wear clothing that ensures they will be warm and comfortable for the duration of the session.

Information about Energy Healing

Although it’s not necessary to know or understand energy healing techniques for them to be of benefit to you, some clients are interested in learning more. The energy healing techniques I use during our appointments together could include any combination of the following techniques, as decided by your body.

Total Body Modification™

Total Body Modification™

In 1978, Victor L. Frank, DC, NMD developed an integrative approach to restoring the body’s self-regulation and healing capacity by working through the autonomic nervous system.  TBM rapidly restores function-specific and global energetic harmony to the body.

Biocomputing Operating System™

Biocomputing Operating System™

This technique helps to identify any disturbances in the natural flow of energy within and around the body, and makes corrections to facilitate a return to a healthy state of wellbeing.

Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy

Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy

This is gentle, soul-centred bodywork that is excellent therapy for all injuries, cervical/ lumbar/sacral/coccygeal pain, post-traumatic stress, post-viral disorders, TMJ pain and other chronic situations in people of all ages. This therapy can also be offered separately upon request.

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Unique Services

Shamanic Healing

“Shamans – whom we in the ‘civilized world’ have called ‘medicine men’ and ‘witch doctors’ – are the keepers of a remarkable body of ancient techniques that they use to achieve and maintain well-being and healing for themselves and members of their communities. “

~The Way of The Shaman by Michael Harner

Shamanism is a form of healing that is estimated to be more than 40,000 years old and has been present in many indigenous cultures around the planet.  Across all cultures, the function of the Shaman is to embark on a spiritual journey on behalf of another person to bring about that person’s healing, which will in turn restore their power.

In the shamanic view of life, traumatic events can cause us to lose our power. In order to survive these traumatic events, we put a piece of ourselves, our soul, away for safe keeping.  As a certified Shamanic practitioner, I offer Soul Retrieval sessions to bring back these lost parts of your soul that are ready to return to you. With this profound form of healing come gifts of new-found strengths that I will share with you after my journey on your behalf is complete.

I am also certified to do a Power Animal Retrieval where I journey on your behalf to discover your spirit guide and invite them to come and stand with you in your daily life and beyond. A spirit guide can take the form of an animal, an ascended master, a sprite or fairy, or any other physical form that can be imagined.

Clients who seek my assistance through Soul Retrieval or Power Animal Retrieval often report feeling happier, lighter and less anxious about life after experiencing one of these sessions.

What to Expect

As a specialized service, these appointments are longer than a regular energy healing session and are offered on Saturdays only. In honouring of the sacred Shamanic traditions, there are several stages to a Soul Retrieval or Power Animal Retrieval that are unique to this service including my use of a drum and rattle. Also, expect to spend a period of time in silence with me as I journey on your behalf.  I encourage you to bring a notepad or audio recording device in order to help you remember key findings that can resonate with you for some time after our session.

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You’re Grounded! – A Healing Program for Teenagers

As a healer and a mother of two children, Shelley understands the challenges that being a teenager can bring. Handling peer pressure, emotional changes, and schoolwork, all while trying to figure out your passions, strengths and goals for the future can make being a teenager a stressful experience.

Periods of intense learning and personal development can be easier to navigate with the tools to concentrate on personal healing from within. In her program specifically designed for teenagers, Shelley helps her teenage clients develop a practice of grounding and tuning-in to their core channels, so they can be better equipped to handle the demands of their lives in a more balanced and confident way.

Sessions are scheduled to accommodate the busy lives of students and parents, and take place after school in a calming, receptive, judgement-free environment. No “homework” is assigned and teens are not required to come prepared to talk about their issues or challenges; those coming in are invited to relax and simply just “be”.

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Age regression is a  gentle guided meditation that allows you to access wisdom from your youth that may have been tucked away for safekeeping. Reconnect to your loving self, recall special memories, piece together forgotten aspects of your childhood and discover key promises and decisions you may have made that shape your current adult self.

 A recorded audio file will be part of your session. Follow up energy balancing sessions are also available to aid your continuing journey of maximizing your potential and cherishing your fullest self.

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Past Life Regression

Spend a bit of time with your own soul.

In supporting clients with past life regression, I have been able to help them retrieve and release memories from prior lives in order to find more peace, joy and health in the present. Clients also have the opportunity to explore promises or decisions made which may be relevant to their current lives.

Past life regression can be helpful if you want to: access your imagination to help clear writer’s block; explore an unexplained fascination with a particular culture, country or historical era; delve into ancestral questions; understand current phobias or recurring patterns you cannot explain; or gain insight into personal relationships and connections from past lives that influence the present.

As part of this session, you will receive a report and an audio file that captures your experience.

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Medical Intuitive Body Scan

Medical Intuitive Body Scan